Wine, whiskey and vermouth tastings in Barcelona

  • The concept of wine tasting. Our team together with a wine professional develop an interesting and unique tasting theme. Each time different, with the purpose of tasting the most worthy wines in the world! In most cases, they are exclusive wines for Barcelona. The wines are selected in such a way that even the most sophisticated wine professionals will discover new grape varieties and micro-zones. Among the wines that are tasted, each participant always has a favorite and becomes a fan for a long time.
  • When are tastings organized in Barcelona? Tastings are usually held on weekday afternoons at one of Barcelona’s cozy and well-located locations.
  • Wine club. Our tastings in Barcelona are distinguished by the fact that it is a social event. Representatives of different nationalities and cultures come together at the same table, and they all share one thing: the love for good wines and gastronomy. Our regular customers have already formed a wine lovers’ club. Join us and you!
  • Multilingual approach. Traditionally, wine presentations are conducted in English, but upon request we can conduct the event in Russian, Spanish and French. At the same time, we always prepare tasting materials in several languages, and you get the answers to your questions in your native language.

From June 2017 to February 2018, in cooperation with a wine business professional, we conducted the following tastings:

  • Premium French champagne on the hotel terrace
  • Sweet Thursday (sweet wines with desserts)
  • White wines from Southwest France
  • Premium cava tasting
  • Tuscan wines
  • Some blind tastings
  • Burgundy wines (France)
  • Croatian truffles and wines
  • Island wines (3 islands)
  • Portuguese wines
  • Bordeaux wines (France)
  • New World Wines (New Zealand, Chile, Argentina)
  • Georgian wines

If you would like to know the date of the next wine tasting in Barcelona or leave us your contact information so we can let you know, please write to us.

Private wine and gastronomy events in Barcelona.
We also offer private wine tastings for groups of 2 or more, where you will taste local Spanish and Catalan wines, or any other wine region of interest. The private tasting package includes:

  • Professional wine selection according to tastes and desires (3-4 types of wines)
  • Appetizers or dishes suitable for wine
  • Professional tasting materials
  • Wine presentation, and the basic elements of the art of wine tasting for our wine professional.

Price: from 200 euros (depending on the number of participants and the wine list). Contact us to request a personal wine tasting.